Our Mission

    UAF's French program offers courses in French language, literature, and culture (French-speaking countries included) at all levels. Advanced classes are taught entirely in French with the goal of fluency for all students. Majors and minors are encouraged to go abroad.


      Dr. Yelena Mazour-Matusevich

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      Trina Mamoon

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      Margaret Ransdell-Green

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      Our students

      A growing number of UAF students are choosing French as a double major due to the career advantages knowledge of French can offer. By the time our students graduate, they are usually fluent in French.

      The French Club meets each Monday evening at 7pm in the Language Lab. All students or speakers of French are welcome!

      Our Instructors

      Our Opportunities

      We strongly encourage all students to study in a French-speaking country like France, Switzerland, Canada, and many more!

      Attend schools in other parts of the world at UAF tuition. Your options include: International Student Exchange, work abroad, and National Student Exchange .

      For all of which financial aid and scholarships are available.


      We offer beginning, intermediate, and advanced language courses. All of our upper division classes are taught in French, but don't worry, we work up to that. 

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