Department Chair

David Henry, 

Associate Professor of Japanese; University of Michigan (2009);

MA- University of Michigan (2002); BA- Earlham College (1993) 

Administrative Assistant

M - F 1:00 - 5:00

Lou Brown


Student Assistant





Aragon-Stewart, Kim Instructor of Spanish; M.Ed.; ABD. University of Alaska Fairbanks (1994), B.A. Linguistics, University of Alaska Fairbanks (1991);

Cuzovic-Severn, Marina  Associate Professor of Spanish; 

Darrow, Daniel Instructor of Spanish; MA Applied Linguistics University of Alaska Fairbanks (2012)

Glowa, Josef, Ph.D. Associate Professor of German & Department Chair; Ph.D.- Brown University (1997); M.A. Brown University (1991). 2. Staatsexamen (Second State Exam), Landesprüfungsamt Nordrhein-Westfalen (accredited state institution), Germany; Certification for teaching English and French in secondary schools (1984). 1. Staatsexamen  (First State Exam), University of Paderborn, Germany; equivalent Bachelor’s and Master’s degree with curricular specialization in French and English (1981);

Grikurova, Alla Instructor of Russian; MA-St. Petersburg State University (1979);

Henry, David, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Japanese; Ph.D.- University of Michigan (2009); MA- University of Michigan (2002); BA- Earlham College (1993);

Matusevich, Yelena, Ph.D. Professor of French; M.A.-Russian Pedagogical University (1989); M.A.-University of Oklahoma (1993); Ph.D.-University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1998);

Murakami, Chisato Instructor of Japanese; M.A.-University of Massachusetts Amherst (1999);


Adjunct Faculty

Rumi Robinson; Adjunct Faculty of Japanese; (no office phone);

Helga Wagenleiter; Adjunct Faculty of German; 474-5725;


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