The University of Alaska at Fairbanks Administration of Justice Masters program was a tough and demanding program. The level of interaction from the staff and fellow students was excellent. I hold down a full time position inside a major metropolitan police department that is demanding. Juggling work, family, and education is a constant challenge. This program allowed me to fulfill a life long journey of learning. Since completion of this degree I have used the lessons taught.

Professionals in this field will benefit from the level of commitment from the professors in this program as well as the fellow students who are in the cohort.

I highly recommend this program to anyone that asks.

Gary Schofield

Deputy Chief

Central Patrol Division


When I describe the two master's degrees I have, I explain that the master's of criminology taught me why criminals and victims do the things they do, but the UAF Masters of Arts in Administration of Justice taught me why law enforcement practitioners and leaders do the things they do. For an aspiring law enforcement executive, the UAF program far exceeded my personal expectations, prepared me for the management issues I face today, and provided me with an educational foundation I will use to lead my agency through the challenges of the future.

A unique aspect of the UAF program is its emphasis on educating law enforcement practitioners. Some masters programs have an emphasis on generating and developing the next generation of criminal justice scholars, with more focus on criminology theory and research methods. While the UAF program doesn't ignore the scholarly processes, it ensures that theory and research studies coincide with practical, real world applications that will be valued by law enforcement professionals in the program.  

Brian Boetig

Law Enforcement Executive
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