• Jeff May and Rob Prince

    Jeff May and Rob Prince

  • Sunset on UAF campus

    Sunset on UAF campus

  • Justice Students See Life "Inside"

    Justice Students See Life "Inside"

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Bachelor's Degree:

Mission of the UAF Justice Department: To assist students in the transition from the academic world to the professional field for which they have been prepared through their study of the criminal justice system.

The Justice Department fulfills its mission by offering a range of coursework which prepares students for employment opportunities within the criminal justice field including entry processes (investigations and arrest); prosecution and pretrial processes; adjudication; sentencing and sanctions or corrections. Moreover, students have options to study alternatives to these processes through dispute resolution and restorative practices coursework.

Students gain relevant and applicable education in criminology, procedural law, addictive processes, research, corrections and the sociological forces at work in crime including juvenile delinquency and gender issues or, as mentioned above in such areas as mediation and arbitration. As Juniors and Seniors, students enjoy internship opportunities in any of these areas in which s/he may be interested. Many students also use the Justice BA degree as a springboard for their application to law school. Finally, Justice is, to date, the only program in CLA which is available entirely online. The online options makes the study of Justice a realistic option for student interested in a career in the field whatever their working schedule or location.

New! All Justice Bachelor's courses are available online!   Would you like to complete you Justice degree but can't spare the time from your work  schedule? This program is for you!

Master of Arts in Administration of Justice:

UAF's Justice Department added a Master of Arts in Administration of Justice in 2001 making it UAF's first Master's degree program offered entirely on-line. The program was developed with the Justice professional in mind. Indeed, more than 90% of the students enrolled in the graduate program are full time employees in Justice professions.

Graduates of the program have gone on to represent all sectors of the Justice profession and are employed all over the nation. With input from Justice professionals, the curriculum was designed  to prepare students for both supervisory and management positions. While the program is small in size, Justice professionals will find that the program's narrow emphasis on preparing students for supervisory and management positions may provide a more practical knowledge base than many of the other larger, nationally known programs that emphasize preparing masters students for Ph.D.s in Justice.

Interested in the history of the judicial system in Alaska? Doing a research project on Alaska back in the day?

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"Doing Hard Time"

Students from UAF Justice Department get first hand look at life "inside" in this article from Aurora Magazine.

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