“Everyone in the Justice Department is a true professional with real world experience.   Students have a sense of confidence in their professor and what they are teaching.   Besides the faculty, the content of each class was phenomenal, every Justice course at UAF is packed full of intriguing and helpful information that will help students in their career field (even if it ends up not being justice).   With experienced faculty and action packed courses, it is hard to find something negative to say about the program!”

Jesse Bynam, Criminal Justice Technician; Alaska Department of Corrections

“Every Justice course I was exposed to at UAF has been a valuable asset in contributing to the enrichment of my education, development of ethics, and chosen career path. The classroom experience gave me the opportunity to understand the theoretical positions of the (juvenile) justice system and the many factors that influence societal behavior and decisions. “

Tristian Hall, Pepperdine University, School of Public Policy

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