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Course Listings

For a current list of our course listings, please check UAF Course Finder.  Halfway through any semester, you'll also be able to see what we plan on offering the following semester.

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Sample Syllabi

Extreme Alaska classroom
Snedden Chair Richard Murphy leads a videochat conversation with Journalist Howard Weaver in our JRN 421: Journalism in Perspective course.

For a glimpse into our courses, try these links to past syllabi. Please be aware that they may not reflect current coursework. For more information on current or future classes, contact the instructors who teach them.

Bold and Maroon-colored links represent the syllabi of some of our major requirements from our new single curriculum track.  New majors are also asked to choose one course from the four italicized and Maroon-colored links.  For additional information about our BA Degree, please follow this link to see a list of all approved journalism electives and a full, detailed of requirements.

Jrn 101 - Media and Culture (New 12/13)
Jrn 202 - News Writing for the Media (New 12/13)
Jrn 203/Art 283 - Basic Photography
Jrn 204/Art 284 - Basic Digital Photography
Jrn 215 - Radio Production
Jrn 217 - Introduction to the Study of Film
Jrn 250 - Web Design
Jrn 251/Flm 251 - Introduction to Video Production 
Jrn 280/Flm 280 - Video Storytelling
Jrn 290/Flm 290 - Digital Video Editing
Jrn 302 - Reporting (New 12/13)
Jrn 311 - Magazine Article Writing
Jrn 323 - Editing for Journalists
Jrn 371 - Digital Photo & Pixelpainting
Jrn 380/Wgs 380 - Women, Minorities & the Mass Media
Jrn 390 - New Media Toolkit
Jrn 402 - Advanced Photography
Jrn 404 - Photojournalism I
Jrn 404/605 - Advanced Photo Seminar
Jrn 406 - Photojournalism II
Jrn 407 - Digital Dakroom
Jrn 413 - Mass Media Law and Regulation
Jrn 421 - Journalism in Perspective
Jrn 433 - Public Relations Techniques (New 12/13)
Jrn 440 - Ethics and Reporting in the Far North
Jrn 444 - Investigative Reporting
Jrn 451 - TV Production
Jrn 452 - Radio and Television News Writing
Jrn 453 - Telvision News Reporting
Jrn 454 - Newscast
Jrn 456/656 - Science Writing for Magazines & Newspapers
Jrn 471 - Advanced Digital Design
Jrn 480 - Documentary Filmmaking
Jrn 484 - Multimedia Theory and Practice
Jrn 490 - Online Publication: Extreme Alaska