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The mission of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) is to ensure the rights and welfare of people who agree to participate in UAF research projects. 

One way that the IRB and Office of Research Integrity (ORI) work to fulfill the IRB mission is by encouraging dialog between researchers and the community on issues related to the responsible and respectful conduct of research.  As part of this outreach, ORI co-sponsored Fred Gray's January 2007 visit to UAF as part of our observation of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Alaska Civil Liberties Day.  Mr. Gray, a noted civil rights attorney, spoke about his personal relationships with and representation of the men enrolled in the Tuskegee Syphilis Study without their informed consent and their families.  This case was one of the driving forces behind the development of laws and regulations to protect human participants in research studies in the United States.

An archived webcast of Mr. Gray's January 19, 2007 lecture is available at (requires Flash Player to view). ORI also has several DVDs of the lecture that may be checked out for UAF educational uses. Contact ORI for more information or to request a copy.

Applied Research Ethics

Protecting human participants in research involves, first and foremost, adherence to the basic ethical principles for the conduct of research.  Everyone engaged in research involving human subjects is expected to read and understand the Belmont Report (click on the "Professional Standards" button) and apply these principles to every aspect of their work.  The Belmont Report is the basis for the U.S. federal regulations and provides the framework for IRB protocol review.

  • Respect for persons (autonomy)
  • Beneficence
  • Justice


All individuals working on a UAF IRB Protocol must have a demonstrated knowledge of human subject protections.  To learn about human subject protections and to document that you have completed a formal educational program please enroll in and complete the recommended modules in the CITI Educational Program (click on the Training button). Beginning January 2006 NO protocols will be accepted for review until, at the minimum, the Principal Investigator has successfully completed the core components of the CITI training. Prior to final approval of any protocol requiring expedited or full IRB Review, the entire research team must successfully complete the required CITI training.

Click HERE for a list of references that are useful for stimulating discussion about the ethical conduct of research involving human subjects, participants or co-researchers.

Protocol Review

The UAF IRB is an independent body comprised of scientists, non-scientists, and community members who are not affiliated with the university. The IRB reviews all UAF research projects involving human subjects by applying the three ethical principles mentioned above. The IRB review process is quite different from peer review; therefore, to assist you in your application the IRB has developed a forms that request the necessary information.  Although this is different from a peer review process the IRB requires that you clearly state your research objectives and methodology because it is an integral component of evaluating risk versus benefit.  Note:  A side-by-side review of the IRB protocol and proposal is required for projects funded by the U.S. Public Health Service.  Please submit a copy of your proposal in your IRBNet submission package.

All IRB forms are available through IRBNet, the board's online protocol management system.  All applications to the IRB for new or continuing research protocols must be submitted through IRBNet.   More information about IRBNet and instructions for creating your account and submitting an application are available on the IRBNet (e-file) page of this website.

Understanding the Program

This web site provides the basic information and guidance for UAF faculty, staff and students that propose research involving human participants. If you have specific questions whether the work proposed is "research" or "program assessment, quality assurance or quality improvement, review the guidance document.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions be sure to contact the staff in the Office of Research Integrity at 907-474-7800.

IRB Meetings & Deadlines

The UAF IRB meets monthly to discuss applications requiring full board review and to conduct other IRB business.   Protocol related applications must be submitted via IRBNet by 5:00 p.m. local time 10 business days prior to the meeting.

Please submit non-protocol related items to the Research Integrity Administrator via e-mail to at least 5 business days prior to the scheduled meeting date.

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