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All formal submissions to the IRB must be made through IRBNet; to learn more about IRBNet click on the "IRBNet (e-file)" button on the navigation bar. 

Questions about training, meetings, forms, etc. should be directed to the Research Integrity Administrator.

The members of the IRB are available to serve as resources to UAF faculty, staff and students for information on human subject protections, the application/review process, and university requirements.

IRB Members

  • Walkie Charles (Chair), Alaska Native Language Center,  907-474-7170
  • Anita Hartmann, Associate Director, Human Resources, 907-474-7700
  • Karen Lundquist, Community Member
  • Mike Koskey, Alaska Native Studies, 907-474-5405
  • Bert Boyer, Dept. of Biology & Wildlife, 907-474-7733
  • Alicia Hall, Philosophy & Humanities Dept., 907-474-5841
  • Scarlett Hopkins, Dept. of Biology & Wildlife, 907-474-5693
  • Roy Roehl, School of Education, 907-474-5453

Office of Research Integrity Personnel

  • Nettie LaBelle-Hamer, Director & Human Protections Administrator, 212 West Ridge Research Building, 907-474-6000
  • Gretchen Hundertmark, Research Integrity Administrator, 212 West Ridge Research Building, 907-474-7800
  • Bridget Watson, Senior Research Compliance Officer, 212 West Ridge Research Building, 907-474-7832