How To Access Blue

Instructors will each receive emails from which contain a link to use to sign in to Blue (using their UA credentials) to access their QP and course evaluation tasks.  Once the tasks are active they can also be accessed by logging into Blackboard.  A third way for instructors to access their active tasks is by signing in to Blue directly via

Frequently Asked Questions

Will BLUE® be similar to IAS®?

It will be sharper, shorter, faster! Only 17 to 25 questions, depending on how many personalized questions you wish to add, and more on point!

Will response rates change?

The short answer is: no, if you help us! Your support in endorsing BLUE®, reminding students how important and valuable their opinions are, and how you have molded your course based on prior comments is the best way to engage them and prompt them to fill out the survey. It is possible that the first time response rates will drop. However, a significant effort has been put forth to increase students’ awareness, and to identify suitable incentives. Remember that even if the quality and the quantity of responses change, your course will be evaluated against overall campus performance, and not in absolute terms!

Can students complete the survey on their own time?

Students are invited to access the BLUE® portal and complete the evaluation of their courses at their earliest convenience. However you can provide class time for students to fill out the survey.

Will students be able to add comments to the survey?

The survey will give students significant space to type in comments.

Can instructors add their own questions to their surveys?

You can add up to 8 course-specific questions. You can decide to use questions that are listed in the available question bank, or you can write your own questions. That new textbook you adopted and you were not sure about? Now it’s time to ask your students’ opinion, and only you can do it! For more information, please refer to the QP information.

What if an instructor does not add specific questions?

Students will receive their invitations at the designated time regardless of whether you add questions. However you may want to access BLUE® and click “submit” even if you do not wish to add any questions, if you want to avoid receiving reminders. 

Will TAs be evaluated?

BLUE® is fed with info from Banner®. If the TA name is input in Banner®, he/she will be evaluated with BLUE®.

Is it anonymous?

All information students provide will be kept strictly confidential. Anonymised evaluations will be made available to you after grades are released.

When will instructors get their reports?

Instructors will get their reports two weeks after the due date for course grades.


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