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Robin Brooks

Robin Brooks
Student Success Coordinator

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There are many services available to help students become successful learners. The following programs are free to UAF students and available online.

Study Skill Tips

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Good Study Habits for Exams

Time management: Organize for success with goals

Stress Management of Study Time

Setting Goals

How to develop good study habits

Journaling: How to develop reflection skills

Guidelines for a Personal Essay

Student Success Stories

Jessie David - Fairbanks, AK

Jessie David

BA in Education, 2011

“I wanted this degree. I think that has been my strong point. There were times when I felt like I couldn’t do what was expected of me, but once I set my goals then it was up to me to see it through. So the word “quit” was never in my mind. Young people today have plenty of tools available to them to attain higher education or to learn a trade. It seems easier for our native students to mainstream into the process today. We’ll be right there to encourage them and they will make us proud. Our kids need to hold our traditional values close to heart also because that is where we come from. Indigenous language and lifestyles are a precious legacy that we want our young people to perpetuate.”

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