Interior-Aleutians Campus Academic Programs

Take classes in your slippers or in your community

Interior-Aleutians Campus’s faculty and staff are guided by a regional advisory Council consisting of elders and community members from the region.  The advisory Council members help us understand the unique priorities and educational needs of our communities and students.  Each of our programs is designed to lead to a career path, or a stepping stone to a degree.  

You don’t need to leave your family or community to earn a university certificate or degree.  At Interior-Aleutians Campus, you can take classes right from home and in your slippers.  All you need is a commitment to learning.

Each of our programs is available to you in a format that allows you to earn a certificate or associate’s degree while remaining in your home community. Also ask us about other University of Alaska distance education programs like a bachelor’s degree in rural development.   This degree program gives you with a broad understanding of rural issues in the global economy and teaches leadership skills that benefit your family and community.   Imagine graduating with a UAF degree without ever leaving your community for a class!

We understand the rural and Native Alaska lifestyle.   Our courses are culturally relevant and take into consideration subsistence and other seasonal activities.   Even if the degree program you’re interested in isn’t fully available by distance, there are a number of courses you can take by distance to work toward that degree before even considering a move to Fairbanks to finish your degree. No matter your goal, the staff and faculty at Interior – Aleutians Campus are here to serve you.

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