Shawn Dickson

Aleutian Pribilof Regional Center Coordinator

Shawn Dickson is the Coordinator for the Aleutian Pribilof Center. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Alaska and her graduate degree from the University of Arkansas. She has lived in many areas of Alaska and moved to the Aleutians in 1974. Shawn assists students in their collage track and works with local entities to meet their training and /or educational needs.

Shawn believes in education and that knowledge is power and thus by sharing knowledge we both empower individuals and build strong communities. She knows that being a life long learner extends to all aspects of life and makes for a rich and wonderful daily life. Everyone has something positive to share with others so in her spare time Shawn teaches swim lessons and coaches the Aleutian Islands Masters Swim Team. Among other interests she shares her knowledge about gardening learned through years of experimentation in the Aleutians with others. How can she assist you with your educational needs?

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