Presidential Inaugration Seminar

Through the generous support of BP and ConocoPhillips, the University of Alaska Foundation sponsored a group of UAF undergraduate students who participanted in the Washington Center Campaign 2008 Presidential Inauguration Seminar, held January 10-21, 2009 in Washington, D.C. This academic seminar provided a backstage view into the Presidential Inauguration and focus on the newly elected president and the formation of a new executive administration. The sponsorship included all transportation, housing, program fees and a meal stipend. Student participants registered for two UAF spring course PS 393 credits in “2009 Presidential Inauguration Seminar”, which was open only to attendees at the seminar. Students from any major were encouraged to apply.

Those students selected are pictured below, from left to right: Jennifer Chambers, Mariah Acton (kneeling), Shawnell Padilla, Laegan Bole, Adrian Triebel, Nadine Carroll, Michael Caulfield, Margaret Yngve, Keane Richards, Amy Snider, and Matt Newman.

Honors Students that attended the Inauguration seminar
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