Welcome to the Honors Program.

Welcome to the UAF Honors Program. As your new Director I look forward to meeting each of you: those who have been here a while and those who are just joining us. And for those who have not yet joined us but are thinking about it, I encourage you to tour our website and then stop by the Honors House to visit us.

Honors at UAF is a program that you can help create with your energy and vision. Based on our flexible framework, you can tailor your Honors education to fit your personal goals. Our program allows you to take in-depth, active learning courses that fulfill your core curriculum requirements, and then to build on that with Honors contract courses in your major. You’ll finish up your undergraduate education with a research-based thesis or creative scholarly work mentored by a UAF faculty member. We’ll guide you through the process with advising and assistance along the way.

We view the Honors program as a way to enhance your educational experience with greater intellectual challenge, interdisciplinary opportunities, early engagement in research and scholarly activities, and an active social community. We encourage study abroad experiences and will help you find internships that increase your opportunities for employment and success in graduate school. There is something for every person in every major in the program.

There are other benefits to being an Honors student as well. Our Honors House in the heart of campus can provide a quiet place for you to study as well as a place for you to meet with your fellow Honors students to socialize. Honors students have access to over $60,000 in designated scholarship funds each year, and priority registration ensures that you can get into the classes that you want.

Our program is growing. We have more students, more faculty, and frankly, more funding, than we have had in years. It’s a good time to help us shape the future – your future and the future of the program.

Join us!

All the best,

Dr. Marsha Sousa

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