Picture of Interim Director Dr. Barbara Taylor. UAF Photo by Todd Paris.
Interim Director Dr. Barbara Taylor. UAF Photo by Todd Paris.

Welcome to the Honors Program.

A tour of these webpages or a visit to the Honors House is your gateway to learn about UAF’s Honors Program. Our program springs from a conscientious and dynamic dedication to deep, creative, active learning - to teaching and learning approaches that result in truly engaged students gaining a transformative education and joining our guild of life-long learners.

‘Honors’ comprises intellectual challenge, academic rigor, and enrichment opportunities for exceptionally talented students at UAF. We follow a ‘better, not more’ philosophy. Our students gain profound working knowledge in many academic disciplines through select courses taught by excellent professors using modern pedagogies and evidence-based practices.

Honors faculty and staff work closely with each student to encourage success. The result is high first-year retention rates, high baccalaureate graduation rates with an Honors scholar distinction, high rates of Alaskan employment, and frequent matriculation to prestigious graduate programs worldwide.

Honors students have exclusive benefits in programmatic scholarships totaling over $60,000.00, small classes, in-depth approaches to learning, and early opportunities to participate in mentored research and scholarly activities.

Our program has undergone tremendous growth in recent years with significant increases in the number of students, course offerings, academic events and extracurricular activities. Such growth has been the result of commitment and passion from previous Honors Directors. My job is to sustain that momentum; to facilitate continued development of this excellent program.

I join the current Honors staff and students in their excitement to share what the Honors Program can provide to enhance your UAF experience. Please visit soon.

Best Wishes for Your Success,

Dr. Barbara Taylor

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