I've Applied, Now What?

What you need to know next:

  • Wait at least THREE BUSINESS DAYS for an email response from the Honors Program Administration.
  • If you are applying during a National holiday or University of Alaska scheduled campus closure, please be aware that we will be unable to respond to your application until our offices open again.
  • If you do not hear from the Honors Program within three business days of submitting your completed online application, please email us at uaf.honors@alaska.edu to inquire about your application status.
  • Once you have received your email, please follow the instructions within.


  • Schedule a meeting with either Kerrie Dufseth, Program Coordinator, or Jason Hendrichs, Student Assistant, to start your path to being an Honors student (i.e. Honors programmatics introduction, registering for Honors courses, your privileges and responsibilities, etc.).
  • Check out our scholarships offered exclusively to Honors students and make sure to follow the Honors Program scholarship application procedure.
  • Subscribe to the Honors List Serve by clicking here. This is our way of communicating with you and is a vital key to your success with the Honors Program. Over the list serve, we announce Honors Events, Scholarships, Job Opportunities and much more!

Helpful Hints and Tips

  1. Make sure you have completed all parts of the application. Don't forget to submit your essay!
  2. Apply during the open application time frame. Please remember the application only opens by following UAF class registration schedules.
  3. If you have any questions, comments, or thoughts about joining the Honors Program, please contact us. We are more than happy to talk to you or even schedule a time to meet with us at the Honors House.
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