Benefits of Joining

Our students enjoy exclusive benefits that are not afforded to the general UAF population!

These include:

  • Scholarships
  • Awards & Honors (Program and University)
  • Courses (Challenging, thought provoking, stimulating, specific to Honors, engaging)
  • Early Class Registration
  • Remodeled Day use House, with full amenities
  • Poster Printer for In-House Use
  • Membership (by INVITATION and ‘Lifetime’ as an Honors Alumnus)
  • No Application Fee
  • Undergraduate Research
  • Career–building programs and recognition (Graduate school opportunities and
  • Internships (State and National)
  • Jobs (Nationwide)
  • Chance to become a member of the National Collegiate Honor Councils (NCHC) & Western
    Regional Honors Council (WRHC)
  • Opportunity to join numerous Honor Societies
  • Leadership (Officer and Co-Chairpersons)
  • Networking (Personal and Professional, Program news and updates)
  • Recognition (For accomplished service and accolades received)
  • Social Service and Outreach fun (school and local community)
  • Service
  • Study Abroad
  • Travel (Regional and National Meetings)

Advising and Registration

Every semester, each Honors student meets with Program Coordinator Kerrie Dufseth to register for Honors classes. The student enjoys individualized attention and early registration before the general student population. Ms. Dufseth sets appointments for the students and they discuss class options and enroll the student during the appointment so there is an increased chance the student is able to register for the classes they want.

Honors House Use

The Honors House is a red carpet portal with a warm and welcoming atmosphere for UAF students entering into college life. It is located at 520 Copper Ln. on the UAF campus, west of the Wood Center. We proudly announced our refurbished house in Fall 2011. This spacious and renovated day use facility includes:

  • Kitchen applicances,
  • Three student computer labs with eight workstations,
  • Conference room with an LED projector,
  • "Smart classroom" with a computer station and state of the art technology,
  • Laundry facility; free for the Honors student use, 
  • Poster printer,
  • Distance delivery system for distance education course work, and 
  • Honors staff offices

We encourage students to consider the house as theirs, but with a few University and admistrative house use guidelines that can be found in our Standard Operating Procedure Manual.

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