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What funds do I include on the question "List total Scholarship $ currently on-hand in Financial Aid"?

  • Include federal and state grants like the Pell and any additional scholarships awarded. It does not include tuition waivers, student loans or research fees covered.
  • You only need to include scholarship funding from the semester you are applying for aid (i.e. any scholarships that have been or will be awarded for Fall 2012).
  • You may also look at your Student Account on UAOnline.     
If my major is undecided or undeclared, what do I enter?
  • General Studies, or Undeclared. Either choice is fine.

Is An Academic Resume Required?

Must I submit an academic resume with my Scholarship application even if I know it is on file with the Honors Program?

  • Yes! You must submit an academic resume by email to with the scholarship application regardless of previous submission (i.e. previous applications, class assignments.
  • Please use the subject line: Honors Program Scholarship Academic Resume

Am I eligible for Honors scholarships if I'm on Honors Academic Probation?

Unfortunately, no.

However, please meet with our director or program coordinator to install a plan toward GPA improvement and recovery. We are always happy to connect students with study groups, tutors, and faculty to help you succeed in your goals.

What If I Will Be Joining Honors After The Scholarship Deadline?

If you're considering Honors and would like to be eligible for Honors Program scholarships, please fill out the UAF Financial Aid Scholarship and then the Honors Program Scholarship Application before the February 15th deadline. Our scholarships are generally awarded the following Fall.

  • Example: Jane is a current high school, but plans to attend UAF and join the Honors Program in Fall 2013. She would need to apply for admission to UAF, and to the Honors Program and then submit both the UAF Financial Aid and Honors Program Scholarship Application by the February 15th deadline of the spring semester to be eligible for scholarship receipt in Fall 2013.

How Are Recipients Chosen?

Scholarship awards are predicated on several major factors. Considerations include:

  • Reasonable adavancement toward the University Honors Scholar distinction (i.e., 6 Honors credit per year),
  • Honors Thesis progression, and
  • The student's participation in Honors events and activities.
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