Apply for Scholarships

Selection Criteria

Scholarship recipients are chosen based on the following general criteria. Depending on the type of scholarship, certain selection criteria may be weighted differently.

  • Stated/Identified financial need
  • Grade level
  • Honors academic standing (GPA)
  • Honors Credit(s) Completed/Enrolled
  • Program activities engagement and service
  • Commitment to volunteer outreach
  • Service to your Honors community
  • Residency/Non-residency
  • Current funding level (excluding loans)
  • Work commitment and necessity

Scholarship Application Process

It is a TWO step process

First you MUST fill out the UAF scholarship application by Feb. 15 of every year. Go to Financial Aid Scholarships for directions.

Second you MUST fill out the Honors Program Scholarship Application by February 15th to be considered for program scholarships. Unless otherwise specified, this application will qualify you for all Honors Program scholarships available. We have a wide variety of exclusive scholarships to choose from. All Honor students are encouraged to apply. Take advantage of this great funding opportunity!

Helpful Hints

  • Make sure you have all your information filled out correctly.
  • Don't forget to submit your Academic Resume to
  • Read and follow all the instructions.
  • Submit your application AND your academic resume by the February 15th deadline.
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