Program Requirements

Student Standing

You must be enrolled as a degree seeking, full time student (completing 12 or more credits a semester) with UAF to be part of our Honors Program family.

Academic Standing

In order to remain in good standing with the program your GPA needs to be

  • At 3.25, unless you are a Freshman (0-30 University credits) who may defer probation with a 3.0 GPA.
  • All higher education credits included on your transcript WILL BE CONSIDERED in determination of Honors status.

Service Hours

Implemented Fall 2013, 100 hours of service hours will be strongly encouraged of each student. The hours will be completed over the course of your entire academic career. They do not need to be completed in one semester, or even one year (unless you choose to do so as many do). If you are unsure of what constitutes service hours, please feel free to contact Honors staff.

By sharing your time with UAF and Fairbanks communities, we hope to foster a sense of pride and ownership between you and your surroundings.

To make the hours an easy start for incoming freshmen, we ask each new student to participate in the Annual Service Event scheduled during the New Student Induction Celebration. This event counts as one hour of service!

Fill out the Honors Service Hours Form so we can celebrate your progress.


To stay in good standing for program scholarship awards, we reccomend a minimum of 6 Honors Credits per academic year until you have 24 credits. This includes contracted courses; hence obtaining 6 credits is fairly easy given many Honors core curricular classes.

You must also successfully complete the Honors Capstone Development Series (381+382).

Honors 498: Research and Honors 499: Thesis are strongly recommended.

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