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All Honors Program courses have restricted enrollment so you must contact us before you will be able to enroll. Email us at uaf.honors@alaska.edu.

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An indepth class list of all courses currently offered as Honors courses by the Honors Program can be found by going to the UAF course finder and by selecting the semester for which you are registering, then clicking on "Check box to see Honors course offerings for this subject" under the Subject section. Leave all other information on the default settings, then hit "Find."

Spring 2015 Honors Course Offerings

CRNCourseCourse Title Bldg & Time  DatesInstructor
34548CHEM F106L FH1H*Chemistry F106X Lab
REIC 2:45-5:45pm T
Reiter, E


H* Chemistry F106X Lab

REIC 6:00-9:00 pm  T

1/15/2015-5/08/2015Reiter, E
39857COMM F141X FH1H*Fund Oral Comm- Public Context
11:30-1:00 pm    TR
 DeCaro, P
34849Economics F100X FH1H*Political Economy
01/15/2015-  5/08/2015
Wall, S
34849Economics F100X FH2H*Political Economy
SCHBLE10:30am- 11:30am   MWF
01/15/2015- 05/08/2015
Wall, S

English F200X FH1

H*World Literature

GRUE 11:45sm-12:45pm MWF

01/15/2015-05/08/2015Avery, V
35104English F425 FH1H*Shkespre:Comedies
GRUE 11:30am- 1:00pm   TR
01/15/2015- 05/08/2015
Reilly, T
35351Honors Program F382 FH1 H*Honors Capstone Development
HONOR12:00pm- 1:30pm   T
01/15/2015- 05/08/2015
Lukaszek, D
35354Honors Program F498 FH1H*ResearchHONOR01/15/2015-05/08/2015Sousa, M
35355Honors Program F499 FH1H*Senior ThesisHONOR   01/15/2015-05/08/2015Sousa, M
35987Political Science F100X FH1H*Political Economy

GRUE 11:45am-12:45pm


01/15/2015-05/08/2015Haugen, D
36567Political Science F302 FH1H*Congress and Public Policy

GRUE 5:20-8:20pm R

36571Political Science F322 FH1H*International Law & Organization

GRUE2:00-3:30pm TR

01/15/2015-05/08/2015Boylan, B

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