Earning Honors Credits

Honors Class Contracts

Earn Honors Credit in a Non-Honors Class

The Honors Contract method is widely used by Honors Programs and Colleges throughout the United States. It recognizes the need to provide Honors students with opportunities to pursue Honors work over a range of courses outside that which can be accommodated by resources provided by Honors Programs or Colleges. This is especially relevant for upper division courses and, at many universities, for disciplines or schools that have not traditionally been associated with Honors. For the University of Alaska Fairbanks Honors Program, it is generally agreed that Honors Contracts are not meant to substitute catalog offered Honors courses or sections, but to add to them. Finally, there is broad consensus on both the intent and execution of Honors contracts for the purpose of raising a non-Honors course to the level of an Honors course.

Please complete the Honors Class Contract. Submit the completed Honors Class Contract form (with instructor's signature), your written Honors Class contract proposal outlining your agreed upon project, and the course syllabus to the Honors Program Coordinator or Administrative Assistant. All contracts must be approved by the Honors Program Director in order to be valid.

In order to receive Honors credit for the course, you must fulfill the conditions set forth in your Honors Class Contract (determined by the instructor), and earn a grade of "B" or better.

Please read the Honors Contract Policies and Procedures for full disclosure and information.

Honors Study Abroad Credits

Earn Honors Credit While Studying Abroad

Are you thinking about studying abroad (nationally or internationally)? Good, get out of here!

The Honors Program fully supports and encourages our students to broaden their cutural and experiencial horizons by studying abroad. We work closely with the office of International Programs & Initiatives each semester to ensure our students make the most of their opportunity and get the best experience possible.

While you're on exchange, it is possible to receive Honors credits for your successfully completed classes. Come talk to Kerrie Dufseth (kkdufseth@alaska.edu) for more details on how to make transfer your exchange credits to Honors credits.

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