John W. Heaton, Ph.D.
Arthur T. Fathauer Chair of History
Executive Director, Western History Association
History; United States, American Indian, American West
Office: Gruening 605-B
Phone: 474-6508
Email: jwheaton2@alaska.edu

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Terrence M. Cole, Ph.D.
History; Director, Office of Public History; Northern Studies
Office: Gruening 613-C
Phone: 474-6995
Email: tmcole@alaska.edu


Mary F. Ehrlander, Ph.D.
History; Director, Northern Studies
Office: Gruening 613-B
Phone: 474-6556
Email: mfehrlander@alaska.ed

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Brian Kassof, Ph.D
Assistant Professor, History and Russian Studies
Office: Gruening 606-B
Phone: 474-6507
Email: bkassof@alaska.edu


Walter Skya, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, History
Director, Asian Studies
Office: Gruening 605-C
Phone: 474-2718
Email: waskya@alaska.edu

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Diana Di Stefano, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
History; North American Environmental, American West
Office: Gruening 604-C
Phone: 474-6998
Email: dldistefano@alaska.edu

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Affiliated Faculty

Yelena Matusevich, Ph.D.
Professor of French
Office: Gruening 609-C
Email: ymatusevich@alaska.edu

Susan Larrabee, M.A.
Instructor, History
Office: Gruening 604-B
Email: sklarrabee@alaska.edu


Professors Emeriti

Carol Gold, Ph.D.
History; Europe, women, Scandinavian studies
email: cgold@alaska.edu

Mary Mangusso, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
History; Alaska, United States
email: mcmangusso@alaska.edu

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