In addition to creating the foundation for a secure, diversified energy portfolio that will serve the university for years to come, this plan is good for the state and the environment.  

Environmental benefits

The new, more efficient boilers will result in a marked decrease in regulated emissions, including an enormous drop in particulates. This is good news for the Fairbanks North Star Borough, which has been designated a nonattainment area by the EPA. If the upgraded plant and new boilers were operating today, they would emit 65 percent fewer particulates and still generate the same amount of heat and power.

Benefits to Alaska

The project will create a significant increase in construction jobs and economic activity within the state of Alaska during the 2015-2018 time period. In addition, UAF has historically served as a place of shelter for Alaska residents during disasters. The upgraded plant would heat and power campus independent of the larger electrical grid, which would allow campus to continue to serve that public safety role in the Interior. 

Reducing regulated emissions

Emissions graph


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