Project update

July 21, 2016

  • Foundation construction is progressing.  The following foundation components have been completed:
    • Boiler building basement structural mat
    • Baghouse building structural mat
    • Turbine piles
  • Work Package No. 3 (WP3) was awarded on June 13, 2016 for $37,331,000.  The scope of WP3 consists of boiler building and baghouse building installation, including structural steel.
  • The boiler building basement structural steel was installed as well as the first floor slab.  The concrete was placed on July 1.
  • Current activities on site include:
    • Turbine building foundation prep
    • Baghouse building structural steel erection, structural steel is at 50% completion
    • Vibratory Compaction
    • Coal and Limestone Silo assembly
  • Boiler building steel is scheduled to begin on August 20.
  • Major equipment deliveries have started and will continue through Spring 2017.
  • Equipment received so far includes:
    • Coal & Limestone Silos
    • Mud & Steam Drums
    • Deaerator Tank  
    • Economizer
    • Misc. Piping and Boiler Parts
  • Equipment Procurement is in progress for electrical equipment and miscellaneous pumps and valves.
  • The general sequence of work for the remainder of summer/fall 2016 is:
    • Turbine building slab (4' thick)
    • Start boiler erection simultaneously with steel erection
    • Pipe bridge pile foundation
    • Utilidor construction
    • Building envelope
  • Work Package No. 4 and 5 design review is underway.
  • Construction activities will continue through the winter of 2016-2017.


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