Project update

March 1, 2017

Work completed in February 2017

The following items were installed in February:

Area Items installed Image
Baghouse Area
  • Expansion joint install
  • Welding ductwork joints
  • Insulation and lagging
  • Induced draft fan set
Baghouse ductwork insulation
Boiler Area
  • Steam and mud drum hoisting
  • Structural steel to 95% complete
  • Coal silos (3 total-100%)
  • Pipe bridge piping-100%
  • Secondary air fan set
  • Condensate tanks
Boiler area coal silos
Boiler area coal silos
Boiler area
Boiler area steam and mud drums
Equipment Received
  • Material handling equipment and structural steel
  • LV and MV switchgear
  • Secondary air and induced draft fans
  • Air cooled condenser structural steel
Turbine Area
  • Turbine Generator alignment
  • Lube oil piping-35%
  • MV switchgear
Turbine area
Turbine area turbine generator alignment

Anticipated work for March 2017

We are on schedule and the completion date of November 2018 continues to be within reach.

The following items are scheduled for installation in March 2017:

Area Items scheduled for installation
Baghouse Area
  • Complete installation insulation and lagging
  • Air piping
  • Access platforms
  • Ductwork to induced draft fan
Boiler Area
  • Complete structural steel
  • Start generation bank tube installation
  • Water wall welding
  • Set primary air fan
  • Stage wing wall tube sections in boiler
Turbine Area
  • MV switchgear
  • LV switchgear
  • Lube oil piping
  • Cooling water piping
  • Heat exchangers
  • Set pumps
Ash Handling Building
  • Late March excavation for foundation
Building Topping Out
  • The steel erection will be completed in mid-March and a public topping out ceremony is being organized.


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