Academic Support

Not every student needs extra help or needs to improve their study skills.  For those students who would like to ensure that they will be successful in all of their courses, there are many resources available.


Academic Advising Center (5th floor Gruening)

Department Faculty Advisors

Rural Student Services (200 Brooks Building at the Fairbanks Campus)

Student Support Services (5th floor Gruening)

Community and Technical College Student Assistance and Advising Center (604 Barnett Street, Fairbanks)

Study Skills Workshops:

Workshops are provided every semester and are open to all students, free of charge.  Topics covered include:

  • Time Management
  • Note Taking
  • Test Taking
  • Math Anxiety

University Skills Workshops:

  • Communication skills 
  • Stress management 
  • Resume Writing
  • Creating a Four-Year Plan
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