Office of Grants and Contracts Administration


Starting on 8/1/12 awarded proposal statistics will be posted by OGCA on this webpage on the 1st of each month.

Proposals Awarded in FY12

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Revenue generated FY2012 Restricted Sources

In fiscal year 2012:

UAF OGCA managed more than 1,612 sponsored projects, of which 1,137 continued into the current fiscal year. UAF's volume of revenue generated was approximately $239 million, an increase of 26% from 2011 and 32 % from 2010. Forty-eight percent of sponsored project revenue was generated from the Federal funding (non-ARRA), 1 percent from Federal Appropriations and 31% was generated from Federal ARRA Funding. The remainder was made up of state and local government (Non-ARRA) 5% and State of Alaska (ARRA) less than 1%, UA Foundation (3%), foreign, corporate, other universities, non-profit entities and other foundation sources (12%) and less than 1% from Federal ARRA pass-through.