Office of Grants and Contracts Administration
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Research Admin Toolbox

The information on this page is available to assist Departmental Research Administrators in the management of restricted funds.

The OGCA Information Manual

The OGCA Manual is to provide guidance to those that have administrative oversight or technical research responsibility relative to restricted fund accounts.  In addition, it provides the users with an understanding of the role the Office of Grants and Contracts Administration plays in the administration of restricted funds. 

While the Manual is available, you are reminded that this document is a work in progress and may change at any time.  If you find links you need that are not correct in the existing document, please contact the OGCA Grant Management Officer for the correct link.

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Grants Management Training

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Negotiation Process

The document below details the negotiation process for incoming awards to the University.  In addition to grants, cooperative agreements, and contracts, the Office of Grants & Contracts Administration also negotiates awards in which University resources are committed, as well as Affiliation Agreements.   If you have received an agreement for signature, please send it to OGCA. 

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While the use of these forms is best practice, they are not mandatory.

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Fly America Act

For clarification on the applicabilty of the Fly America Act, please refer to the following website:

National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) YouTube Tuesdays

Each week NCURA posts research administration YouTube videos which include topic overviews, tips, tricks and more. Please click the link below to find current and past video posts.