Office of Grants and Contracts Administration
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OGCA Forms

Pre-Award Spending/Advance Approval Form (PASAA)

As part of our internal restructuring efforts in OGCA, we have replaced the Assumption ​form​ with a new and improved form called PASAA. The purpose of PASAA is to request authorization for pre-award pending prior to receipt of an official notice of award​.

The PASAA form streamlines communication between OGCA and the units, while improving the turnaround time needed to complete the requested action items.

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Award Request Form (AwaRe) -

This form replaces the DAF & RFN forms. This form is to be used for all changes to a sponsored project that are outside of the general authorities granted under 2 CFR 215. The department requesting the change must identify on the form the type of request (see list below), if supporting documents will be attached, if the request falls within FDP and/or sponsor specific terms & conditions, and if sponsor approval is required.

Types of Requests:

  • Change of Key Personnel (CKP)
  • Change of Agency Terms & Conditions (TC)
  • Change of Scope of Work (SOW)
  • No Cost Extension (NCE)
  • Rebudget (BGT)
  • Other

Once filled out and properly endorsed at the department, the form is to be sent to OGCA for processing. OGCA will either send a formal notification, or request to the sponsor for the action initiated by the department on behalf of the principal investigator as required. For actions requiring prior sponsor approval, the changes are not authorized until a written approval is issued by the sponsor.

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Subaward Template

These templates shall be used for all collaborations with non-profit organizations, other universities, and state or local governments. They are not intended for use with commercial collaborators (for-profit companies).  If you have a commercial subaward, please enter a Purchase Requisition (PR) and forward your backup (scope of work, budget, and deliverables) to UAF Procurement & Contract Service (P&CS).   

Please refer to the instructions and checklist for the agency specfic subaward templates below.

For information on subrecipient monitoring, please see the Procurement & Contract Services website:

Request for CAS Exemption to Direct Charge Costs Normally Treated as Indirect Costs

This request, also known as the Major Program Designation Request, is the mechanism by which to request a waiver from the Cost Accounting Standards to direct charge to restricted funds costs that are normally treated as indirect costs.  The form requires the review and approval of UAF's Provost, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services, and concurrence by the Statewide Controller.   For additional information and guidance on the request, please refer to the Statewide Accounting and Administrative Manual D-05.)

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60 Day Cost Transfer Memo

When preparing a journal voucher transferring a cost greater then 60 days after the end of the month in which the charge originally posted, a 60 day cost transfer memo is required.  Below is a template for department use identifing the areas that need to be addressed on the memo.  Please attach the completed form with department signatures and submit to OGCA with your journal voucher.

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Third Party Match Certification Template

When third parties are contributing to the voluntary or involuntary match requirements for a sponsored program, UAF is required to have documentation of the third party costs before we are able to include it in the total project match or cost sharing.   The following document is an example of the information needed for the certification to be accepted.  Please feel free to send the template to your third party collaborators and remind them the certification needs to be on letterhead, the costs need to be identified by cost type (e.g. salary, benefits, supplies) and must be signed by a company officer who has the ability to certify costs on behalf of the organization.

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Residual Inventory in Excess of $5,000

This form is to be used at the closeout of a project.  The PI is to certify the value of all remaining inventory to ensure the value does not exceed $5,000.   If the value does exceed this amount, OGCA is required to report the value to the sponsor to ask for disposition.  The sponsor may allow UAF to purchase back the inventory or allow us to keep the inventory depending on future funded projects. Please send the completed form to your OGCA Grant Technician.

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