Office of Grants and Contracts Administration
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Educational Opportunities and Training

OGCA offers regular Research Administration Educational Opportunities and individual training or education sessions.á If you or your department wish to have a specific training provided, please contact

Grants and Contracts Discussion Group

Starting in September OGCA would like to begin a monthly discussion group regarding special topics (first Friday of every month). So if you anxious to share your knowledge, learn more, or just get to know other administrators at UAF, please join us:

Location: WRRB conference room 010LL
Date: 1st Friday of each month
Time: 3:00 PM

  • September
    • *Match/Cost Share/In-kind
  • October
    • *Grants Setups and what is needed for a seamless setup
  • November
    • *No Cost Extension- The process and the how it relates to fund 1 projections

Hope to see you! If you would like to suggest a topic or hold the discussion group in your conference room please contact OGCA.



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UAF Web Time Entry Meeting 5/18/11

A demonstration of the Web Time Sheet tool will be provided via eLive ( by Vickie Gillian, SW Human Resources, Carolyn Weaver, SW Human Resources and Andrew Johnston, Office of Information Technology. Discussion/question session will be conducted via audio bridge: 1-800-893-8850 Pin 2821579. This is an opportunity to participate with your questions and feedback. Attendees may also submit questions electronically via eLive chat. Enter text in the field located above the Send button and press Send to This Room. If this is the first time you will be using eLive (Elluminate), you may be prompted to download some software which may take anywhere from 2 to 20 minutes depending upon your Internet connection speed. You can pre-configure your system with the required software by going to the support page located at:

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SESSION CANCLED***NSF Office of Inspector General Faculty Q&A 7/22/11

We would like to extend to our faculty the opportunity to meet with the NSF Office of Inspector General for a half day open question and answer session.á This Q&A will be a wonderful opprotunity to follow up on any questions remaining from the full day session on the 21st with the OIG.

9:00amá to 12:00pm July 22nd in Butrovich 109.

SESSION CANCLED*** NSF Office of Inspector General Workshop 7/21/11

Expected items to be covered are:
1) What is the role of the OIG within NSF (overview)
2) What kind of work does the OIG do regarding audits, reviews, investigations - examples of lightweight and egregious works they have covered.
3) Overview of the NSF expectations of compliance with regulations - ramifications of not complying, and how that affects future awards - designation of a university as "exceptional."
4) Compliance - Terms and conditions of an award and why they are so important.
5) Reporting responsibilities - what you can and cannot do
6) Ethical spending - documentation required, and why, and for how long
7) What a PI needs to know inorder to make sound budget decisions
8) Documenting cost-share (on the few programs NSF has that use it), and program income
9) Signature responsibilities
10) Some horror stories about non-compliance findings, e.g. effort certification

8:30 to 4:30 July 21st in Butrovich 109

OGCA Education Program- Internal Audit 6/9/11

Date: Thursday June 9th from 9am-10:30am

Location: 417 IARC

Description: Internal Audit provides assistance to administrative units throughout the state.á Their services range from investigating potential fraud to helping ensure data security controls are followed for the purchase of a new point of sale system.á As a member of the same team, they will provide suggestions for improvement. Their feedback will provide an extra level of assurance that internal controls are and will be functioning when the “external” auditors arrive.

Our outlying campus's can dial in to listen to the presentation
Phone number to call in: 1-800-570-3591
Participant Pin: 4374900

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Workshop and Mock Inspector General Trial 5/26/11

Location has changed to Schaible Auditorium

Please join us May 26th from 8:30 to 4:00pm in the Wood Center Ballroom C/D.á We will be bringing two very talented individuals to campus to present a half day workshop on the importance of audits and their impact on our business practices followed by a half day mock Inspector General audit trial.á This will surely prove to be an insightful opportunity for those of you on campus who have not worked with the Inspector General's before.á
The information presented during the morning workshop will be visible and impactful during the afternoon mock trial.á Please plan to attend both sessions. á

For the Mock Trial, we will need some volunteers to assist.á We are looking for the following, please email me if you are interested in participating:
A Director
Faculty members
Graduate Students
Fiscal Officer or Manager
Grant Technician or Fiscal Technician
OGCA Grant Technician.

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OGCA Education Program- Program Codes

Date: Tuesdau February 15, 10:00am- 12:00pm
Location: 109 Butrovich

Our outlying campus's can dial in to listen to the presentation
Phone number to call in: 1-800-570-3591
Participant Pin: 4374900

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OGCA Education Program- Office of Research Integrity

Date: Friday February 25, 1:00pm-2:00pm
Location: 109 Butrovich

Our outlying campus's can dial in to listen to the presentation
Phone number to call in: 1-800-570-3591
Participant Pin: 4374900

2010 Topics

  • Keys to a Successful Sponsored Award
  • Q Menu for Grant Administration
  • ESI Course Federal Contracting Basics
  • ESI Course Contract Closeout
  • ESI Course Operation Practices in Contract Administation
  • Post Award Processes and Transactions
  • UA Foundation Training
  • Budget Request Forms
  • Subawards and Subaward Templates

2009 Topics

  • Cost Compliance at UAF
  • Financial Management of Sponsored Projects
  • Creating a Federal Grant Audit Trail
  • Post-Award Administration- Accounting & Oversight
  • E-Verify
  • An Introduction to 2 CFR 220
  • Budget Request Forms

2008 Topics

  • Expenditures and Grants
  • The Role of a PI
  • The Role of OGCA
  • Overview of Grant Management Part 1 of 3
  • Overview of Grant Management Part 2 of 3
  • Overview of Grant Management Part 3 of 3

Please check back monthly for trainings available.á Invitations to training sessions are emailed out on our listserve, please sign up today.