Office of Grants and Contracts Administration

Office of Grants & Contracts Administration

Office of Grants and Contracts Administration's (OGCA) mission is to manage and monitor all post award activities for the University of Alaska Fairbanks research projects. Our purpose is to minimize conflicts of interest and assure compliance with applicable regulations and requirements for restricted funds. Our responsibilities include the set-up of new accounts, budget revisions, the preparation of bills and collections of amounts due from funding agencies, and compliance reviews.

"OGCA is the focal point for dealing with various Funding Agencies as well as internal and external auditors in matters related to sponsored programs. In fiscal year 2012, UAF OGCA managed more than 1,612 sponsored projects, of which 1,137 continued into the current fiscal year."

In fiscal year 2012, UAF's volume of revenue generated was approximately $239 million, an increase of 26% from 2011 and 32 % from 2010. Forty-eight percent of sponsored project revenue was generated from the Federal funding (non-ARRA), 1 percent from Federal Appropriations and 31% was generated from Federal ARRA Funding. The remainder was made up of state and local government (Non-ARRA) 5% and State of Alaska (ARRA) less than 1%, UA Foundation (3%), foreign, corporate, other universities, non-profit entities and other foundation sources (12%) and less than 1% from Federal ARRA pass-through. Please see this link for a graphical representation of these numbers.

If you do not find what you are looking for on these pages, please email or call: (907) 474-7301.

Grants and Contracts Discussion Group

Starting in September OGCA would like to begin a monthly discussion group regarding special topics (first Friday of every month). So if you anxious to share your knowledge, learn more, or just get to know other administrators at UAF, please join us:

Location: WRRB conference room 010LL
Date: 1st Friday of each month
Time: 3:00 PM

  • September
    • *Match/Cost Share/In-kind
  • October
    • *Grants Setups and what is needed for a seamless setup
  • November
    • *No Cost Extension- The process and the how it relates to fund 1 projections
  • December
    • Happy Holidays!

Hope to see you! If you would like to suggest a topic, or hold the discussion group in your conference room please contact OGCA.


UAF has registered in the E-Verify program. The following two posters are provided for your information at this website. They are also posted in the Human Resources offices on campus per federal regulation.



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Office of Grants & Grants Admin.

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