July 2012

July 18, 2012 -- Eduroam network continuing


I heard a rumor that the university is going to get rid of Eduroam after suffering with it the past year or so.  If so, what will replace it, and will it hopefully be easier to use and more reliable?


From Martha Mason, OIT user services

Thank you for your question about Eduroam. It's one of two secure wireless networks available for the Fairbanks campus, and the rumor that it's going away is false.

OIT is reviewing the initial configuration and annual renewal process to improve the experience for users. Please look forward to continued Eduroam access in the future as well as a better way to manage the initial set up and annual renewal.

More information on Eduroam is available on the OIT website along with a complete list of wireless options.

Call or email the OIT Support Center with any questions you may have.


July 10, 2012 -- Cost of living increase


Was there a cost of living increase in wages this year? If so, I never heard anything about it. It would be nice if employees knew what to expect in their paychecks.


The Legislature approved an annual increase of 3.5 percent for staff.

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