July 2011

Wednesday, July 27, 2011 -- Unanswered Grapevine questions


I think the Grapevine is a great idea. I do have a question about the criteria for having questions answered. In the past, I submitted two questions that never appeared in the Grapevine and remain unanswered. I don't think I was rude with either question. The first had to do with installing small shelves in the Signers' bathrooms so we have a place to put toothbrush holders, combs, brushes, etc., instead of on the sink. The second asked about transferring primary stakeholders of gold spots (because they are leaving UAF) to those that they have shared a spot with for many years. When I first asked this question, I addressed the fact that some may abuse this. However, if two people can prove that they have shared a spot for many years, then that would show that they were truly carpooling and I would think that would fall under the chancellor's mission of sustainability and Parking Services might make exceptions in these cases. Is the Grapevine the proper venue to address these types of questions?

from Scott McCrea, Marketing and Communications

Thank you for your comment. Since its inception, the Grapevine has proven to be an effective way of addressing campus rumors and answering the big questions of the day; on occasion we don't have answers to all questions, and some questions seem more suggestions than actual questions. Some are also better to address on a one-on-one basis. We'll take a look at the two issues you raised and provide some type of response soon; you may also contact me directly at sjmccrea@alaska.edu.

Monday, July 18, 2011 -- Grassy area by the Duckering Building


Put up a small fence in front of Duckering Bldg by the stairs. People walk all over the grass. I see facilities services all the time spraying grass seed all the time. they have even put up stakes with tape around it and still people walk on the grass. It isn't worth wasting money on the grass seed over and over. 


Thank you for your suggestion. It has been forwarded to Facilities Services.

Monday, July 18, 2011 -- Health plan benefits information


When will the health plan benefits pages be updated to the new FY/plan changes? I can't find the info I need for the new plan here yet: http://www.alaska.edu/benefits/health-plan/benefits-overview/medical/


From Michael Humphrey, SW Human Resources

The University of Alaska Benefits website has been updated and the changes to the health plan can be found at  http://www.alaska.edu/benefits/health-plan-changes/.

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