December 2011

Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2011 -- To-go container charge


Why is dining services charging people, especially students, $.45 for a to-go container at the dining facility in Wood Center? They already pay a $20 sustainability fee. Shouldn't the cost of NANA being sustainable fall on them? Are they making a profit of these to-go containers or are they just breaking even?


From Robert Holden,  Auxiliary and Business Services

NANA has in the past three years worked with UAF to provide reusable to-go containers for all students on meal plans. Those containers are provided at no cost to the student.  If a student doesn't have their reusable container with them and would still like to take their meal to go, we do have disposable containers available. In these instances students are charged the cost of the compostable disposable container, which is 45 cents. This is a part of the residential dining program (not the retail program) and the dine-out options.

If a student hasn't been provided a reusable container, they shouldn't be charged for the disposable container. The general manager for NANA is contacting our cashiers to make sure they understand the policy. The container charge is not part of the retail programs, but we do have reusable containers available for purchase for anyone who would like to participate.

NANA has partnered with UAF on our several sustainability efforts including providing more than 900 reusable containers to students this semester at no cost. The sustainability fee doesn't currently cover any of NANA's sustainability efforts on campus.

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