November 2009

Friday, Nov.20, 2009 -- UAF Bookstore


Is it true that all retail functions of the UAF Bookstore are being outsourced?  Why has only one company has been asked to submit a proposal.  Will other companies get a chance to submit a proposal also?


From Robert Holden, Auxiliary and Business Services

The textbook portion of the UAF Bookstore was outsourced over a year ago.  At that time four companies responded to the university's request for proposals (RFP).

Included in the RFP was language to provide additional services for the university, "up to and including operation of the bookstore retail sales services (page 3, 1. Purpose of Solicitation)". Follett has been asked to provide additional services, enhancing the textbook program by providing a portion of books on campus for the spring semester. In January Follett will bring a portion of the core textbooks on campus, providing additional opportunities for students purchasing textbooks. During the recent visit there were discussions with Follett about other services they could provide under our current contract, including a full outsource option. Follett has indicated they will provide information on additional service options they can provide to the campus; this is an option that was included as a part of the RFP/contract. 

Thursday, Nov. 5, 2009 -- Supervisor situation


I don't know if this is a question for the grapevine, but I don't know who to turn to. I work with a supervisor who is consistently rude and somewhat demeaning. I don't think that the things this person does warrant a formal grievance, as they seem to just indicate a lack of basic social skills. Examples include inappropriate interruptions, checking a PDA during meetings, talking over me, showing up late for meetings, and making small curt and biting comments on a regular basis. On their own, any one of the behaviors could be overlooked, but in sum, I do feel consistently demoralized working in this atmosphere. This is the first time in my career I have encountered this sort of problem, and I don't know how to deal with it. I brought it up to my direct supervisor some time ago and was told that it wasn't that person's job to smooth over our relationship and that I probably shouldn't worry about it so much. Growing a "thicker skin" is easier said than done. Can I get a suggestion on how I might make this situation better? I like the job, and quitting because of this person doesn't seem like an option in this economy.


Human Resources promotes fair treatment, provides for continuing opportunities for training and development, values and recognizes productivity and achievement, and respects the worth and dignity of all individuals who comprise the university’s workforce. If you'd like to talk directly with someone about suggestions for resolving this issue, the appropriate offices to contact are Human Resources department at 474-7700 or Earlina Bowden in the Office of Equal Opportunity at 474-6600.

Thursday, Nov. 5, 2009 -- Google Calendar vs. Meeting Maker


I heard that the library is staying with Meeting Maker, and not switching to Google Calendar. If no exception is being granted to Statewide staff despite late communications on the issue and the fact they were originally told they had until the end of December to make the move to Google Apps, how come the library gets one?


The personal staff accounts at the library have switched over to Google calendar, and the library is requesting Google calendar resource accounts with the intent to use them asap to avoid straddling both Google Calendar and Meeting Maker.

Those who want to schedule events in the library's meeting rooms or the instructional computer lab should contact them via phone at 474-7072, or by e-mail, at, or in person.

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