Dissertation and Thesis Completion Fellowship

Award Amount:  

Master's Degree (one semester only)       $7,500
Ph.D. Degree (up to two semesters)       $15,000

Deadline: Friday, March 13, 2015

Awards will be announced in late April, 2015

The Graduate School is pleased to announce the 2015-2016 Dissertation and Thesis Completion Fellowships for full-time graduate students planning to graduate during the fall of 2015 or spring 2016. These highly competitive awards are intended to support students without a source of funding to support thesis writing. Ph.D. students will receive preference in the selection process. 

The fellowship provides a stipend during the academic year, beginning September 2015, plus tuition for 9 credits (enrolled at UAF) each semester, plus course- and university-mandated fees (fees associated with e-learning or distance delivery courses are not covered). The stipend for masters students is $7,500 for one semester. Payments will be made at the rate of $1,875.00 per month for four months. The stipend for Ph.D. students is $15,000 for two semesters (eight months). Payments will be made in the amount of $1,875.00 per month for eight months.

This Fellowship is intended for students who will have no other form of funding for this time period. Prior recipients of a Dissertation/Thesis Completion Fellowship are not eligible.

Evaluation of applications will be based on academic achievements, prior timely progress in graduate course-work and thesis or dissertation research, and a plan plus time-line for completion of the thesis or dissertation within the duration of the fellowship.

Qualifying conditions:

  • The student must have been in full-time status (9 credits/semester) in the preceding fall and spring semesters.
  • The student will not receive a stipend or salary during the period that the student receives the Dissertation/Thesis Completion Fellowship. The only exception would be a supplement from the advisor's research grant to bring the student's monthly stipend up to the previous year's level. Approval must be requested by the advisor in the recommendation letter required with the application.
  • Current Graduate Study Plan and Annual Report of Committee forms must be on file at the Graduate School Office by the date of the application.

Application procedure:

Send application form and supporting documents to:

Office of the Graduate School
202 Eielson Building
P.O. Box 757560
Fairbanks, AK 99775-7560

Or you can e-mail your documents to uaf-grad-school@alaska.edu

Supporting documents:

·        Nomination letter from thesis advisor - The letter must include the current status of the thesis project and the student's support status. Advisor should include a statement that certifies specifically when he/she expects the applicant to graduate, i.e. is it realistic for the student to graduate within the timeline provided?


·        Detailed plan and completion timeline - The student must include a detailed plan and time-line for completion of the thesis or dissertation that have been approved by the advisor. For example, include dates of completion of data collection, data analysis, completion of chapter one, chapter two, to provide a generic idea of what needs to be done.


·        A written statement (maximum two pages) - The statement must include information on the overall thesis or dissertation progress, future plan, and research achievements.


.       A comprehensive list, by semester, of all sources of funding received since the student began his/her degree (i.e., research and/or teaching assistantships, fellowships, etc.) Do not list financial aid or scholarships.

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