Serving as the Outside Examiner

An "outside examiner" representing and appointed by the dean of the Graduate School is required at all Ph.D. oral examinations (except the placement examination). The examiner must be from a different department than the candidate and chair of the advisory committee. The function of the outside examiner is to determine that a stringent, unbiased examination is given and that it is fairly administered and evaluated. The outside examiner will be asked by the Graduate School to complete a Report of Outside Examiner form (67K .pdf) to provide comments on the exam.

It is the student's responsibility to request that an outside examiner be appointed to serve at the oral examination. The student should turn in the Request for Outside Examiner form AT LEAST TWO WEEKS prior to the oral comprehensive exam or thesis defense. The Office of the Graduate School will inform the student of the faculty member appointed to serve at the student's examination, and in the case of a defense of thesis, the student must supply the examiner with a copy of the thesis at least one week prior to the examination.

The outside examiner should sign the Report on Examination Form, but not the signature page of the thesis.

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