Policies and Procedures


Admissions Review, Policy and Implementation

The UAF Graduate Interdisciplinary (INDS) Program is administered directly by the Graduate Dean working closely with the INDS Steering Committee.

The INDS Steering Committee is charged to improve the quality and rigor of the INDS program. The committee is also responsible for reviewing applications for admission to the INDS Ph.D. programs.

Operational Procedures of the INDS Steering Committee

  • All INDS Steering Committee recommendations on policy and procedure submitted to the Graduate School Dean will have the unanimous approval of the committee. The Dean is responsible for submitting matters requiring Faculty Senate approval to the Senate.
  • INDS Ph.D. applicants are advised that complete applications must be received by the Graduate School not later than March 1 and October 1 (or the first Monday thereafter) to allow review to be completed in time for admission the following Fall or Spring, respectively. Applications received after this date will be reviewed as quickly as possible, but the applicant may not receive an admissions decision until after the beginning of the semester.
  • The INDS Steering Committee will not meet on dates when classes are not in session. For urgent matters, discussions can take place via e-mail outside of the academic year. No recommendations will be made unless a quorum (4/7) of members is willing and able to participate in discussions and vote.
  • The INDS Steering Committee will strive to make a unanimous recommendation on all applications for admission to the INDS Ph.D. program. However, if this is not possible, the INDS Steering Committee recommendation will be by majority vote (at least 4/7). A tie will result in no recommendation being made by the committee.
  • The vote of the committee and the reasons for its recommendation will be reported to the Dean. If the Dean disagrees with the committee recommendation, the Dean will meet with the INDS Steering Committee to discuss the application. The Dean will make the final admission decision, and will notify the applicant.

Exit Survey Form

The Exit Survey Form must be completed by students graduating from all programs. This form can be completed online for your convenience. Submission of this form is one of the items on the graduation check list.

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