Interdisciplinary Program

Admissions Standard

  • A bachelor's degree from an accredited institution an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0 or graduate GPA of at least 3.5 if the undergraduate GPA is below 3.0.
  • GRE scores are required for admission to the Interdisciplinary Program. Most students admitted to the interdisciplinary graduate degree program receive GRE scores above the 50th percentile.
  • TOEFL = 80 (Internet-based exam), 213 (electronic exam) or 550 (paper exam) is required if an applicant is not a citizen of the U.S. and requires an F-1 visa.  the IELTS may be substituted in some cases. Minimum score is 6.5.

Application Procedures to Apply for an Interdisciplinary Degree

  1. Complete the UAF Graduate Application form online

         Once you begin filling out an online application, you can save and complete it later.

Please do not submit more than one application unless you are requesting more than one degree.

Submitting a web application through UAOnline is the quickest way to have your application processed. The Office of Admissions takes three weeks to process and review an application once all documents have been received.

Instructions for NEW students

(Those who have never applied to or attended any University of Alaska campus):

  •  Go to the UAOnline home page:
  •  Select Apply for Admissions
  •  Select First-time User Account Creation  (You will be asked to choose an ID and PIN before continuing to the application form)

     * Application deadlines:

For the Fall semester is March 1, and for the Spring semester is October 1.

2.  Submit three letters of reference that address the academic qualifications for the degree program to which you are applying. Reference letters must be dated not earlier than one year prior to the date of application to the INDS program. Reference letters should specifically address the applicant's qualifications to pursue a Ph.D. or Master's degree at UAF.

3.  Submit copies of all transcripts (they must be official transcripts).

4.  Include a current Resume/Vitae

5.  GRE Scores: Results of the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) are required.   If you are present in Fairbanks, the GRE exam in offered on the UAF campus through Testing Services located in 207B Gruening.

 6. Submit a written “Statement of Academic Goals” indicating why you want an interdisciplinary graduate degree. Include your qualifications and educational experience.

 7. Master’s and Ph.D. degree INDS (Interdisciplinary) applicants must submit a proposed INDS MA/MS or Ph.D. degree Graduate Study Plan (GSP) form. A proposed Graduate Study Plan Form must be filled out completely. The courses proposed in the GSP must reflect the interdisciplinary nature appropriate for the degree. Each proposed committee member, your proposed advisor, the department head, and the dean of your proposed advisor must sign the proposed GSP. Without these signatures the proposed GSP is void. The proposed GSP is for admission review purposes only.

8. INDS Ph.D. degree applicants should have a Master's degree in a related field (or be scheduled to complete one before the semester they intend to enroll), unless their academic qualifications substantially exceed minimum standards.

9. INDS graduate degree applicants should include a concise research proposal (in addition to the Statement of Academic Goals). Your research proposal provides an overview of your proposed plan of work, including the general scope of your project, your basic research questions, hypothesis, specific aims, research methodology, expected outcomes, the overall significance of your study, and the linkages to the academic disciplines of the proposed INDS program. Essentially. your proposal explains what you want to study, how you will study this topic, why this topic needs to be studied, and (generally) when you intend to do this work. The research proposal and the statement of academic goals are important in the committee's evaluation process and hence must be the work of the applicant. It is appropriate and necessary to consult with the proposed major advisor about the overall research objectives, particularly if the work will be part of a funded project. 

10. INDS applicants are instructed that their proposed major advisor must review and approve their completed application, including the statement of research goals, before it is submitted to the Graduate School. The INDS Proposed Graduate Study Plan includes the statement:  "I have reviewed the proposed INDS [Master's/PhD] Graduate Study Plan submitted by this applicant and agree to serve as the major advisor to this applicant if he/she is admitted...", with a signature line for the proposed major advisor. This signature must be obtained before the application will be reviewed.

11. INDS applicants must include a current curriculum vita of the proposed major advisor with the application.

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