Interdisciplinary Programs

Graduate Interdisciplinary Studies (M.A., M.S., Ph.D.)

  • What is an Interdisciplinary Degree?
    • An Interdisciplinary Degree is a customized degree program that combines course work from two or more disciplines.
  • Is it for me?
    • If you have well-defined research interests that bridge two or more disciplines, yes. 
    • If you want to simply avoid one or more of the program or course requirements in an existing degree or major, then no.  In other words, you can't take all of the courses for one degree except for the one or two you don't like and call it an interdisciplinary degree.   In fact, your proposed program must differ significantly from an existing UAF graduate degree program (i.e. no more than one half of your program credits can be pulled from a single existing graduate degree program.) 
  • Who is responsible for designing my program, ensuring that it conforms to rigorous academic standards, and  organizing a committee of faculty members to serve as advisors?
    • In short, you are responsible for these items.  That said, Shelly would love to help you with the finer points of the process:

      You can contact her at:

      Shelly Baumann, Interdisciplinary Program Director
      202 Eielson Building
      (907) 474-7464

  • Does UAF have the resources and faculty expertise to support my program?
    • In most cases, yes;  in the case of an Interdisciplinary PhD in Education, no.  The School of Education is undergoing some changes that make committing to new PhD students impossible, so it is something to consider if your interests lie in that direction. If you want clarification on whether this is likely to affect you, your best bet is to contact Shelly for more information (see above).
  • Sounds good.  How do I get started?
    • Procedures for developing an Interdisciplinary Studies Degree are listed here.


Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary degrees are also available for undergraduate students who are interested in obtaining an Associate's or Bachelor's degree.   Click here to learn more!

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