School of Natural Resources & Agricultural Sciences Fund Designation List

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Greg Finstad Reindeer Research: To provide general program support for the UAF Reindeer Research Program.  For more information, click here.  (**) Note: It is the intent of the original donor that no funds be expended until such a time as the fund has reached the minimum level to create an endowment (currently $25,000) or a period of five years (11/1/2015) from the start date of this fund, whichever comes first.  If after five years there are insufficient funds to reach the then current minimum endowment level, the funds shall be used to provide support for the intended purpose until all funds are expended.
Georgeson Botanical Garden Edowment: The garden has the goal to be the center for horticultural knowledge in subarctic Alaska and provide information to everyone in the circumboreal North interested in growing plants, sustainably managing lands for garden culture, producing plants commercially or for home use, exploring new crops and new markets, preserving traditional plant knowledge, expanding uses of native plants, conserving and rehabilitating plants on wild lands, and promoting good stewardship of horticultural resources.  For more information, click here.
Matanuska Sports Turf Research Field: To support construction and maintenance of a sports turf research field at the Matanuska Experiment Station in Palmer that will be used to test turf durability in south-central Alaska.  For more information about the Palmer station click here, or for more information about the research field, click here.

OneTree Alaska Project Support
:OneTree Alaska is an education, research, and community outreach project of the University of Alaska Fairbanks School of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences. As a curriculum-building project, OneTree utilizes the Alaska boreal forest as the basis for active learning and inquiry investigations into science, social studies and the arts.  For more information, click here.
School of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences: Your support of this discretionary fund allows the dean to fund research and travel support, scholarships, fellowships, equipment, and faculty recruitment and retention.

UAF Annual Fund
: Through annual giving at UAF, alumni, parents, employees and friends support the university’s areas of immediate and greatest need, including scholarships, fellowships, equipment, facilities maintenance and renovation, research and faculty recruitment and retention.

Endowments explained:

  • Spendable: The portion of the endowment that is reserved for immediate use rather than long-term investment.

  • Principal: The portion of the endowment which is invested by the UA Foundation as a part of its portfolio. A portion of the earnings is made available as spendable when a minimal level is reached. A gift to the endowment principal is viewed as being for longer-term use.
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