Genevieve Bright


Genevieve has been in love with Alaska since the 5th grade when she was assigned the Last Frontier as a research project. Once out of high school, Genevieve attended a number of universities, including the United States Military Academy, Louisiana State University, University of Troy, finally culminating in a Masters of English Literature from SUNY Oswego. After living in New York, Louisiana and Alabama, the vastness of the Alaska landscape and notable lack of humidity solidified the 49th state as her ideal place to call home, and she is excited to be a part of the UAF family.

Genevieve began her Alaska life one month before the birth of her daughter, Iris, back in 2011. After her son, Bryan, was born in 2013, she started a northern athletic adventure when she joined the Fairbanks Rollergirls. She enjoys sports and traveling throughout the state with her two kids, Rottweiler and Australian shepherd in tow. Her favorite things about Alaska include the larger-than-life critters, the breathtaking panorama of mountain scenery, the beautiful aurora lighting up the night sky and exploring all of the adventure-filled opportunities Alaska has to offer.

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