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Investigating Martian Volcanic Systems: In 2 Parts

With GI Postdoctoral Fellow Emma Marcucci

This talk will cover two aspects of Marcucci's research which are broadly connected by a common theme of martian volcanism.   First she will review acid-sulfate alteration of basalts as it relates to early Mars environments.   This is largely her Ph.D. work, but she is currently starting experiments in the FTIR lab.   Second, she will present the initial steps of her postdoctoral work using stereo photogrammetry for the better resolution of digital elevation models over areas that lack such detail.   This method is employed to study martian lava flows.

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Congratulations to our 2014 Graduates!

PhD Recipients

Congratulations to our 2014 Graduates! PhD Recipients

Bartholomaus, Timothy C., PhD, Geophysics Thesis: Seismicity, Seawater and Seasonality:   New Insights Into Iceberg Calving From Yahtse Glacier, Alaska

Gong, Wenyu, PhD, Geophysics Thesis: Long-Term Monitoring of Geodynamic Surface Deformation Using SAR Interferometry

Habermann, Marijke, PhD, Geophysics Thesis: Basal Shear Strength Inversions For Ice Sheets With An Application to Jakobshavan Isbrae, Greenland

Jones, Benjamin M., PhD, Interdisciplinary Thesis: Remote Sensing of Arctic Landscape Dynamics

McNabb, Robert W., PhD, Geophysics Thesis: On The Frontal Ablation of Alaska Tidewater Glaciers

Mori, Hirotsugu, PhD, Geology Thesis: Osteology, Relationships and Paleoecology of a New Arctic Hadrosaurid (Dinosauria: Ornithopoda) From The Prince Creek Formation of Northern Alaska

Podrasky, David B., PhD, Geophysics Thesis: Jakobshavn Isbrae: Velocity Variations From Hourly to Decadal Time Scales at Greenland’s Fastest Tidewater Glacier

Salazar Jaramillo, Susana, PhD, Geology Thesis: Paleoclilmate and Paleoenvironment of the Prince Creek And Cantwell Formations, Alaska: Terrestrial Evidence of a Middle Maastrichtian Greenhouse Event.

Shimer, Grant T.,  PhD, Geology Thesis: Sedimentology And Stratigraphy of the Nanushuk Formation And Related Foreland Basin Deposits, Central Brooks Range

Steensen, Torge S., PhD, Geophysics Thesis: Satellite to Model Comparisons of Volcanic Ash Emissions in the North Pacific

Trussel, Barbara L., PhD, Geophysics Thesis: Rapid Thinning And Collapse of Lake Calving Yakutat Glacier, Southeast Alaska

M.S. Recipients

Bonnie N. Broman: M.S. Geology: General Geology
Christopher Patrick Bruton: M.S. Geophysics: Solid Earth Geophysics
Arvind Adivaraghan Chittambakkam: M.S. Geophysics: Remote Sensing Geophysics
Eric Michael Hutton: M.S. Geology: General Geology
Joshua Markland Jones: M.S. Geophysics: Snow, Ice and Permafrost Geophysics
Adrienne E. Kentner: M.S. Geology: General Geology
Christian Kienholz: M.S. Geophysics: Snow, Ice and Permafrost Geophysics
Joshua Keith Miller: M.S. Geology: General Geology
Brian K. Perttu: M.S. Geology: Economic Geology
Colin Richard Rowell: M.S. Geophysics: Solid Earth Geophysics
Gabrielle T. Vance: M.S. Geology: General Geology
Rachel Erin Westbrook: M.S. Geology: Quaternary Geology
Anna Kristine Worden: M.S. Geology: Volcanology, Remote Sensing
Joanna Claire Young: M.S. Geophysics: Snow, Ice and Permafrost Geophysics

BA/BS Recipients

Africa, Avery T: B.S.,Geoscience_Geology
Albert, Sarah A: B.S.,Geoscience_Geophysics
Beischer, Nicholas W: B.S.,Geoscience_Geology
Durst, David V: B.S., Geology
Edgar, Alexander S: B.S., Geology
Eicher, Jessica L: B.S., Geology
Haffner, Shadoe M: B.A., Earth Science
Houston, Holly L: B.S., Geology
Kilfoyle, Samuel J: B.S.,Geoscience_Geology
Parrish, Rebecca F: B.S.,Geoscience_Geology
Perman, Sara R: B.S.,Geoscience_Geology

Student Awards Spring 2014

Don Hodges Scholarship
Samuel Herreid

Peter MacKeith Scholarship
Kristin Rahilly

Brian R. Zelenka Scholarship
Peter Illig

Outstanding Undergraduate
Jessica Eicher



Alexander Edgar

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