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Congratulations to our 2014 Graduates!

PhD Recipients

Congratulations to our 2014 Graduates! PhD Recipients

Bartholomaus, Timothy C., PhD, Geophysics Thesis: Seismicity, Seawater and Seasonality:   New Insights Into Iceberg Calving From Yahtse Glacier, Alaska

Gong, Wenyu, PhD, Geophysics Thesis: Long-Term Monitoring of Geodynamic Surface Deformation Using SAR Interferometry

Habermann, Marijke, PhD, Geophysics Thesis: Basal Shear Strength Inversions For Ice Sheets With An Application to Jakobshavan Isbrae, Greenland

Jones, Benjamin M., PhD, Interdisciplinary Thesis: Remote Sensing of Arctic Landscape Dynamics

McNabb, Robert W., PhD, Geophysics Thesis: On The Frontal Ablation of Alaska Tidewater Glaciers

Mori, Hirotsugu, PhD, Geology Thesis: Osteology, Relationships and Paleoecology of a New Arctic Hadrosaurid (Dinosauria: Ornithopoda) From The Prince Creek Formation of Northern Alaska

Podrasky, David B., PhD, Geophysics Thesis: Jakobshavn Isbrae: Velocity Variations From Hourly to Decadal Time Scales at Greenland’s Fastest Tidewater Glacier

Salazar Jaramillo, Susana, PhD, Geology Thesis: Paleoclilmate and Paleoenvironment of the Prince Creek And Cantwell Formations, Alaska: Terrestrial Evidence of a Middle Maastrichtian Greenhouse Event.

Shimer, Grant T.,  PhD, Geology Thesis: Sedimentology And Stratigraphy of the Nanushuk Formation And Related Foreland Basin Deposits, Central Brooks Range

Steensen, Torge S., PhD, Geophysics Thesis: Satellite to Model Comparisons of Volcanic Ash Emissions in the North Pacific

Trussel, Barbara L., PhD, Geophysics Thesis: Rapid Thinning And Collapse of Lake Calving Yakutat Glacier, Southeast Alaska

M.S. Recipients

Bonnie N. Broman: M.S. Geology: General Geology
Christopher Patrick Bruton: M.S. Geophysics: Solid Earth Geophysics
Arvind Adivaraghan Chittambakkam: M.S. Geophysics: Remote Sensing Geophysics
Eric Michael Hutton: M.S. Geology: General Geology
Joshua Markland Jones: M.S. Geophysics: Snow, Ice and Permafrost Geophysics
Adrienne E. Kentner: M.S. Geology: General Geology
Christian Kienholz: M.S. Geophysics: Snow, Ice and Permafrost Geophysics
Joshua Keith Miller: M.S. Geology: General Geology
Brian K. Perttu: M.S. Geology: Economic Geology
Colin Richard Rowell: M.S. Geophysics: Solid Earth Geophysics
Gabrielle T. Vance: M.S. Geology: General Geology
Rachel Erin Westbrook: M.S. Geology: Quaternary Geology
Anna Kristine Worden: M.S. Geology: Volcanology, Remote Sensing
Joanna Claire Young: M.S. Geophysics: Snow, Ice and Permafrost Geophysics

BA/BS Recipients

Africa, Avery T: B.S.,Geoscience_Geology
Albert, Sarah A: B.S.,Geoscience_Geophysics
Beischer, Nicholas W: B.S.,Geoscience_Geology
Durst, David V: B.S., Geology
Edgar, Alexander S: B.S., Geology
Eicher, Jessica L: B.S., Geology
Haffner, Shadoe M: B.A., Earth Science
Houston, Holly L: B.S., Geology
Kilfoyle, Samuel J: B.S.,Geoscience_Geology
Parrish, Rebecca F: B.S.,Geoscience_Geology
Perman, Sara R: B.S.,Geoscience_Geology

Student Awards Spring 2014

Don Hodges Scholarship
Samuel Herreid

Peter MacKeith Scholarship
Kristin Rahilly

Brian R. Zelenka Scholarship
Peter Illig

Outstanding Undergraduate
Jessica Eicher



Alexander Edgar

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