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Congratulations to our 2013 Graduates!

PhD Recipients

Buurman, Helena M., PhD, Geophyisc Thesis:  Volcano Seismicity in Alaska

DeRoin, Nicole,  PhD, Geophysics Thesis:  Methods for Monitoring And Forecasting Volcanic Hazards and Eruptions Using Seismology And Other Geophysical Data

Fu, Yuning,  PhD, Geophysics Thesis:  Loading Deformation on Various Timescales Using GPS and GRACE Measurements

Grapenthin, Ronni,  PhD, Geophysics Thesis:  Volcano Deformation and Subdaily GPS Products

Henton, Sarah M., PhD, Geology  Thesis:  Experiment vs. Nature:  Using Amphiboles to Test Models of Magma Storage and Pre-Eruptive Magma Dynamics Preceding the 2006 Eruption of Augustine Volcano, Alaska

Jafarov, Elchin, PhD, Geophysics  Thesis:  The Effects of Changes in Climate and Other Environmental Factors on Permafrost Evolution

Mongrain, Jacob R.,  PhD, Geology Thesis:  Depositional Systems, Provenance, and Paleoclimate of the Late Miocene to Pliocene Beluga and Sterling Formations, Cook Inlet Forearc Basin, Alaska

Neill, Owen K., PhD, Geology  Thesis:  Petrologic and Geochemical Tracers of Magmatic Movement in Volcanic Arc Systems:  Case Studies from the Aleutian Islands and Kamchatka, Russia

M.S. Recipients

Deal, Michelle: M.S. Geology:  Economic Geology
Denny, Casey L.:  M.S. Geology:  Remote Sensing
Floyd, Angelica L.:  M.S. Geology:  Remote Sensing
Mrozek, Stephanie A.:  M.S. Geology:  Economic Geology
Schaefer, Katherine E.:  M.S. Interdisciplinary:  Geospatial Emergency Management Systems

BA/BS Recipients

Aronson, Caleb E:  BS, Geoscience_Geology
Flynn, Jerad P.:  BS, Geoscience_Geology
Heinchon, Sarah:  BS, Geology
Hite, Conner L.:  BS Geology
LaDouceur, Michael E.:  BS, Geology
Lafleur, Jeremiah:  BA, Earth Science
Mackey, Kathleen M.:  BS, Geology
Murphy, Samuel:  BS, Geology
Porritt, Kurt:  BS, Geology
Roberts, Olivia T.:  BS, Geology
Rosenbaum, Phillip E.:  BS, Geology
Vansant, Galen S.:  BA, Earth Science

Volcanism and Active Geology of the Island of Hawaii

A Wintermester  2014 Activity

DATES: JANUARY 5-13, 2014

Seminar brief description
This is a field-based course introducing students to the volcanism and active geology of the island of Hawaii, and by extension, other oceanic islands.  Topics include physical features of the volcanoes, plate tectonics and the origin of volcanism, and the development and "life cycle" of oceanic islands.

Lead instructors

Jeff Freymueller, Professor, Department of Geology and Geophysics and Geophysical Institute, UAF;

Pavel Izbekov, Research Associate  Scientist, Alaska Volcano Observatory and Geophysical Institute, UAF,

Download flyer here!

Click here for more info

IAB Team Takes First Place in the Pacific Section!

Congratulations to Olaniyi Ajadi, Casey Denny, Alex Rizzo, Rachel Frohman, Tyson Forbush and their UAF advisor, Dr. Catherine Hanks.  Our UAF IBA Team won first place in the AAPG Pacific region competition.  The team will be representing UAF and the Pacific section at the upcoming international IBA competition at the annual AAPG meeting in Pittsburgh in May.

The UAF team would like to thank their industry mentors, Sandy Phillips and Ashley Siks.

2012 University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) Summer School in Scenario Development and Analysis with a Focus on Arctic Social-Environmental Systems

A North by 2020 Forum Activity

DATES: AUGUST 6-10, 2012

Seminar title and brief description
Planning for Arctic Futures: Introduction to interdisciplinary scenario modeling and
analysis 1 Credit Seminar (PS/GEOS 492/692). This course provides an overview of key approaches used in predicting the evolution of social-environmental systems on timescales of years to decades.

Lead instructors

Hajo Eicken, International Arctic Research Center/Geophysical Institute and
Department of Geology and Geophysics, UAF;

Amy Lauren Lovecraft, Department of Political Science, UAF; 

Complete Seminar Syllabus Available here

Erin Pettit wins outstanding teaching award

Congratulations to Erin Pettit for winning the Department of Geology and Geophysics Outstanding Teacher award for 2011-2012. Erin is recognized for her outstanding efforts in innovative course design, development, and delivery. Excellent teachers like Erin make the UAF Department of Geology and Geophysics an excellent place for undergraduate and graduate studies in the Geosciences.

Congratulations to our 2012 Graduates!

PhD Recipients

Jeffrey Benowitz, PhD, Geology Thesis: The Topographically Asymmetrical Alaska Range: Different Tectonic Drivers Through Space and Time

Matthew Druckenmiller, PhD, Geophysics Thesis: Alaska Shorefast Ice: Interfacing Geophysics with Local Sea Ice Knowledge and Use

Julie Elliot, PhD, Geophysics Thesis: Active Tectonics in Southern Alaska and the Role of the Yakutat Block Constrained by GPS Measurements

Lola Oliver, PhD, Geology Thesis: Characterization of Permafrost Development by Isotopic and Chemical Analysis of Soil Cores Taken From the Copper River Basin and an Upland Loess Deposit in Interior Alaska

Santosh Panda, PhD, Geology Thesis:  Permafrost Distribution Mapping and Temperature Modeling Along the Alaska Highway Corridor, Interior Alaska

Peter Rinkleff, PhD, Geology Thesis:  Transport and Formation Processes For Fine Airborne Ash From Three Recent Volcanic Eruptions in Alaska: Implications For Detection Methods and Tracking Models

Maciej Grzegorz Sliwinski, PhD, Geology Thesis: Geochemistry of the Late Devonian ‘Punctata” Event in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

M.S. Recipients

Angela L. Ekstrand:  M.S., Geophysics:  Remote Sensing Geophysics.

Louise M. Farquharson:  M.S., Geology: Quaternary Geology.

Austin J. Johnson:  M.S., Geophysics:  Snow, Ice and Permafrost Geophysics.

Kevin P. Stack: M.S., Geology: General Geology.

 B.A./B.S. Recipients

Erica L. Blake:  B.A., Earth Science

Samantha K. Davis:  B.S., Geology

Sarah H. Heinchon:  B.S., Geology

Peter E. Illig:  B.S., Geology

Martin R. Lafevers:  B.S., Geology

Kathleen M. Mackey:  B.S., Geology

Nicholas B. Traxler:  B.S., Geology

Geology Undergraduate student wins TAB grant

Sam Herreid submitted a successful TAB proposal to obtain a thermal camera, for use in aerial surveys of glaciers. The camera will provide high spatial resolution glacier surface temperature data. Congratulations Sam!

UAF secures 3rd place in Regional IBA competition

UAF students take 3rd place in the AAPG Pacific Regional finals of the Imperial Barrel Award Competition, 2012! Congratulations!