Mail Delivery Schedule

Note: Times can vary due to volume of mail and/or weather conditions! Please prepare your mail in a timely manner to avoid delay.

ON CAMPUS CORE ROUTE #1 (Blue-Bag route)
9:25Police, Fire, Health and Counseling (Whitaker Building)
9:35KUAC, Theater, Communications, Music, Art (Fine Arts Complex)
9:45CRA, ANLC, RSS, Alaska Native Studies (Brooks Building)
9:55Civil, Mechanical, Petroleum, Mining, Water and Environmental, Space Grant, Electrical and Institute for Northern Engineering (Duckering Building)
10:00Journalism, Computing and Communications, Printing Services, United Academics, School of Management (Bunnell Building)
10:05Education, Student Services, Career Services, Teacher Placement (5th floor Gruening Building)
10:10CLA, History, Foreign Languages, Justice, Political Science, Philosophy (4th floor Gruening Building)
10:20Dining Services (Lola Tilly Commons)
10:25Interior Aleutians Campus (Harper Building)
10:30Center For Distance Education
10:35Return to Mail Services
ON CAMPUS ROUTE (Yellow-Bag route)
9:20Physical Plant
9:30Athletics, ROTC (Patty Center)
9:35President, SW University Relation, SW Board of Regents, SW Human Resources, SW General Counsel, Health and Social Sciences, Program Development, VP Academic Affairs, SW Risk Management, SW Governance, ITS, ARSC, SW Public Affairs, SW Foundation, SW Development, SW Procurement, SW Financial Services, SW Financial Systems, SW Teacher Placement (Butrovich Building)
9:45Early Childhood Development
9:50Financial Aid, UA Press, UAF Dining Services, Women's Center, Admissions, Registrar, Business Office, Polar Express, Chancellor, upward Bound, Anthropology, IASSA, Provost, Summer Sessions, University Relations (Signers'/Eielson Buildings)
10:20Wood Center
10:25SW Land Management, Institutional Research (Whole Earth Building)
10:30Return to Mail Services
11:00Grants and Contracts, Purchasing, Accounts Payable, UAF Human Resources, VC Admin Services (Administrative Services Center)
11:15Signers' Hall mail pickup
11:30Return to Mail Services
OFF CAMPUS (Yellow-Bag route)
12:50University Park
1:05Design & Construction and Observatory (590 University Ave.)
1:20Downtown Center (510 2nd Ave.)
1:25Small Business and Development Center (Wells Fargo Building)
1:40Return to Mail Services
1:45Hutchinson Career Center
2:00Butrovich mail pick-up (last for the day)
2:10Museum Job Trailer
2:15Signers' Hall mail pick-up (last for the day)
2:25Administrative Services Building mail pick-up (last for the day)
2:35Return to Mail Services
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