Post Office™ & Mail Services

Campus Post Office™

Call Campus Post Office™ at 474-7215

The Campus Post Office™ is located in Constitution Hall, and is open Monday through Friday from 12pm - 3pm for package pick up at the side blue door. Mail is sorted into student mail boxes weekdaily by 3pm.

PO Box Assignments & Payments

Forwarding Mail

POST OFFICE™, EXPRESS MAIL®, PRIORITY MAIL®, FIRST-CLASS MAIL® and USPS® are trademarks of the United States Postal Service.

UAF Mail Service Center

Call Mail Services at 474-5260

UAF Mail Services processes all in-coming and out-going departmental mail with the exception of bulk mail. We are located off-campus at 1855 Marika.

Mail delivery is provided for UAF departments based a daily route.

Also available at the UAF Mail Service Center

Preparing Outgoing Mail

International Mail

Bulk Mail

Campus Courier

Available Monday-Friday from 10am - 1:30pm (depending on staffing & mail volume)

This service is not intended to take the place of the current inter-campus mail service but is designed to transfer time sensitive correspondence and small non-mail items to other campus locations.

To schedule a pick-up call:

  • Mail Services at 474-5260 

All items being sent via the courier service must be small enough to transport campus-wide without the use of an aid (cart, etc.).

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