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UAF Engineering Facility

UAF Engineering Facility

The Engineering Facility project will be building 119,000gsf of new space and renovate about 30,000gsf of existing space in the Duckering Building in support of the UAF College of Engineering and Mines.  The 6-story building will provide space for engineering learning and discovery and will feature open lab concepts and a high-bay area for practical application of engineering concepts. By August 2015, the connector between Bunnell, Duckering, and Engineering will also be finished and open for public use.  Work under the current contract will wrap up and the site will demobilize by September 2015 unless additional funding is provided to the project.

Irving 1 Repurpose for Veterinary Medicine

UA Butrovich Building

The Irving 1 Repurpose for Veterinary Medicine project will provide deferred renewal and repurposing of the recently vacated animal quarters in Irving 1 for the newly formed Veterinary Medicine program.  While addressing a lengthy list of deferred maintenance items, approximately 13,000 gross square feet of space will be revitalized and reconfigured to allow for a major teaching lab, student study carrels, and a classroom. An addition 6,000 gross square feet of large animal housing space will be taken off-line at the end of the project for demolition. Project completion will occur before the fall semester of 2015.

UAF Combined Heat and Power Plant

The Combined Heat and Power Plant consists of one 240,000 lb/hr circulating fluidized bed boiler that will use coal and biomass to provide 17 MW of electric power and steam for heating the UAF Campus. Deep soil compaction will occur on site during the summer of 2015 and construction activities will resume in April 2016 with a completion date of June 2019.

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