Current Construction Projects

Construction Updates

Parking During Construction

Due to construction staging, several other lots will be affected. The map linked here shows some of the work and affected parking lots, but we'll provide regular updates and changes as the construction gets underway.

Projects In Progress

UAF Engineering Facility

UAF Engineering Facility

The proposed new UAF Engineering Facility responds to the initiative to graduate more engineering students, enhances the student experience for engineering students and other students campus wide with a visible and interactive learning environment, integrates UAF’s successful engineering research and graduate programs, and addresses critical classroom needs.   The proposed facility of approximately 119,000 gross square feet (gsf) is ideally situated adjacent to the existing Duckering Building currently housing the College of Engineering and Mines (CEM) and provides the opportunity to complete Cornerstone Plaza with an attractive and functional focal point at the far side of the UAF main campus.   The project will also renovate approximately 23,000 gsf of existing space in the Duckering Building for space reallocation.

Butrovich Building Sidewalks

UA Butrovich Building

There will be Butrovich building sidewalk renovations this summer. The work is projected to run from May to September, 2013. Currently scheduled for completion in that time frame are the following projects:

  • Remove existing sidewalks, curbs and paved areas on the north/ main entry side of the Butrovich building.
  • Replace with new curbs, paved roadway and ADA compliant sidewalks and ramps.
  • Replace existing lighted bollards with more durable units.

It is anticipated that there will be interruptions to vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Pedestrian traffic in and out of the Butrovich building will be rerouted as required to direct individuals to non-affected parking areas and shuttle bus points. It is anticipated that there will be limited parking areas within the remaining available Butrovich parking lots. Additional Butrovich building parking will be available in the lots to the north, adjacent to the Arctic Health Research Building (Lots 9A and 9B). Design & Construction is in the process of coordinating the planned vehicular traffic (both emergency and non-emergency vehicles) for this project. More updates will be released as they become available.

Formal construction notice

Wood Center Dining project

The Wood Center Dining project will build a replacement facility for the aging Lola Tilly commons adjacent to the Wood Center. It will also renovate the Student Activities offices within the Wood Center. The project will begin construction prior to the end of the academic year with exterior work to bring upgraded utilities to the new construction. As soon as commencement is over in May, the Wood Center staff will move into temporary space so work in the office area can begin. This portion of work is to be completed by December of 2013. Immediately following commencement, work at the south entrance of the Wood Center will begin with the closure of the main south entry. The entry is to be enlarged and reconfigured to better serve both the existing and new Wood Center. The main portion of the project is an addition on the west side of the Wood Center. The addition will house a new dining area and kitchen which connects to the existing food court on the second level, a new loading dock, kitchen, storage areas, a coffee shop and a lower level dining area on the ground floor. This construction will continue until the end of July, 2014 and will be ready for occupancy at the start of the Fall Semester in 2014. The Wood Center Dining facilities will remain open for business while construction is going on.

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