TRIP: Travel Representatives Improving Processes

Project Background

The campus community has long lamented about the processing time of a travel authorization or reimbursement after travel has taken place. As the travel industry has moved to online efficiencies, such as online check-in, electronic boarding passes, and emailed receipts, UAF is taking steps to understand the current manual and paper processes to more easily keep up with a traveler’s needs.

As many of you may have heard, the UA System Office is also currently exploring an online travel expense management solution. TRIP plans to align its work with this systemwide project in order to best match UAF campus needs with any newly automated process.


TRIP Purpose

To provide UA travelers a streamlined, timely and positive travel experience through efficient, transparent and cost effective methods.


TRIP Project Status

The TRIP team has presented their business case to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Financial Services, who has agreed to adopt their recommendations. As needed, small work teams will be formed to implement these recommendations.

TRIP gathered feedback from departments and travelers to better understand problem areas, determine the sources of delays, enhance training programs, review online booking and reimbursement technologies, and gather expenditure data to explore volume discounts.


TRIP Business Case

TRIP Team Members

  • Jared Dillbeck, Marine Advisory Program
  • Dawniel Dupee, Cooperative Extension Services / School of Natural Resources & Agricultural Sciences
  • Karina Gonzales, School of Fisheries & Ocean Sciences
  • Denise Irish, Department of Athletics
  • Geoff Jacobs, Office of Finance and Accounting
  • Sarah Lanstra, Geophysical Institute
  • Serena Likar, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research
  • Jennifer Harris, PIT Crew
  • Margo Griffith, PIT Crew
  • Pamm Zierfuss-Hubbard, PIT Crew
  • Kris Racina, PIT Crew
  • Libby Eddy, PIT Crew

If you have questions, please contact TRIP at

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